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Hi Dear Women! 

I’m so excited to invite you my very first online women’s group. I have been dreaming of a space where we can support each other in becoming the most luscious and radiant expressions of ourselves and thereby transform our relationships and our work in the world. I have first hand experience of the power of sisterhood and elevating our feminine energies together. I believe the world is in great need of feminine expression and that we can have tremendous, wide-reaching impacts in our communities. I can’t wait to share more! I’m offering a free info session that will roll into a 3 month, biweekly online group. See you there! xo ~Ariel

Group Content

  • Exploring Yin/Yang and the power of polarity
  • Honoring our Bio-Logical Feminine
  • The power & art of Yin - Divine Feminine
  • How to get exactly what we want in relationship
  • When to use Yin and Yang respectively
  • Understanding men and masculinity
  • How to push our man into responsibility & manhood
  • How to communicate in our relationships
  • The rules of fair fighting and how to argue effectively
  • Co-dependency vs Co-creativity in partnership
  • How to honor our cycles and plan our month well
  • Understanding the sister-wound and forging a powerful sisterhood to get us through it all
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My name is Ariel Stevens

I graduated from Prescott Collage in 2014 with a degree in counseling and psychology - then promptly changed course and found my way into venture capital in San Diego. Little did I know that I would spend the next 10 years pursuing business and the badass-boss-babe dream. Though feeling very empowered, my relationship with Dan, which had been growing since 2011, was suffering. I had no space to receive what a man had to offer me and was determined to "do everything myself."  Having become so used to relying on my inner masculine energies to succeed in the world, I had no idea that I was stepping on Dan's toes in our relationship and totally ignoring my inner feminine. When things got hard between us, I pushed harder and did more. I didn't realize that there was a softer way that was SO much freer and more full of grace. After reaching an ultimatum in our relationship, we decided to do everything possible to try and make it work, one last time. And magically, I stumbled into women's work and the practice of cultivating the Sacred Feminine. WOW!! That was it. We are now happily married and I just gave birth to a beautiful daughter! Our partnership has deepened and blossomed into something so profound - stable, holy, adventurous, safe, loving, expansive and incredible! I can't wait to share everything I've learned and help women create the couple-ships of their dreams. xoxo 
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FREE Info session: March 24, 2024
Time: 4-5:30pm PT
Online via Zoom
Group Dates: 3 months, every other Sunday from 4-5:30pm PT April 7th & 21st
May 5th & 19th
June 2nd, 16th & 30th
Online via Zoom
Cost: $33/mo membership
Limited places!
Image by Wesley Tingey

It's time, women! xo

Image by Allyssa Olaivar

“The future of the world depends on the full restoration of the Sacred Feminine in all its tenderness, passion, divine ferocity, and surrendered persistence.”

Andrew Harvey
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