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Hi Men - 

I’m so excited to invite you my very first online men’s group. I have been wanting to create a space for men to come together to support each other in fully expressing our masculinity. This culture demonizes the power masculine, and yet the more I have cultivated this power, the safer and happier my wife becomes, the more fulfilled I am in my life, and the more I feel I have to offer. Join me in restoring the Divine Masculine to it's righteous place, beside the Sacred Feminine. Let's create thriving relationships, strong expressions of fatherhood/manhood, and let's be fierce contributors to our world.
~ Dan   


Group Content

  • Exploring Yin/Yang and the power of polarity
  • Honoring our Bio-Logical Masculine
  • The power & art of Yang - Divine Masculine Energy
  • Understanding women and femininity
  • How to cultivate thriving relationships 
  • How to show up for our women & children
  • How to communicate in our relationships
  • The rules of fair fighting and how to argue effectively
  • Co-dependency vs Co-creativity in partnership
  • How to pursue our goals and create purpose in life
  • Creating a brotherhood where we can grow together
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My name is Daniel Wade Stevens

I've spent my career in construction and real estate, but with a wife and baby on the way, am pivoting into something more meaningful. I spent my teens and twenties pursuing a spiritual path and conserving & cultivating energies. I've aways been a seeker and interested in personal growth. I'm excited to bring my skillsets together and share everything I have learned.   
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FREE Info session: Jan 28, 2024
Time: 4-5:30pm PT
Online via Zoom
Group Dates: 3 months, every other Sunday at 4pm PT beginning on Feb 4, ending April 21, 2024
Online via Zoom
Cost: $33/mo membership
Limited places!


Image by James Day

It's time, men!

Image by Simone Pellegrini

"A harmless man is not a good man. A good man is a very dangerous man who has that under voluntary control"

Jordan Peterson

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