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 Our signature course coming soon!! 
In the meantime, signup for our men's & women's groups. 

We are building community for men, women, and couples


We have been together for 13+ years and, wow, what an adventure it has been!! Lovely times, and very, very challenging ones. We almost broke up many times, yet kept feeling there was something more for us together that we couldn't quite unlock. With much effort (therapy, self-help books, research, mentorship, courses, meditation, and so much patience) we finally found men's & women's work - the creating of dynamic relational polarity - and that did the trick! We now have reached a level of commitment and love that we are oh so proud of! We were finally able to unite in marriage Sept 2023 and we just had a baby girl Feb 2024! If we had had a community of couples to share support with, the road would have been smoother - certainly not so lonely and isolating. Our aim with starting Harmonizing Relationships is to pull together the tribe that we have craved, so that we can all uplift and support each other - and of course, share all the wisdom we've gathered along the way. We'd love to have you and your significant other join us! 

About Us

 We Are Excited to Be   Offering Men's & Women's Groups and Couples Coaching 

  In the next few months we will be starting a pilot program for couples (and singles who want to attract their mate) who are ready to up-level their capacity for love, intimacy and responsibility. When both parties are ready to change and grow, magic happens. In the meantime, join our men's & women's groups!  

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The Divine Masculine

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It seems it has become unpopular for men to be men in our culture. But we are robbing women and children of the necessity and protection of the Divine Masculine. Join our men's groups and unlock the sacred powerhouse of masculinity.


The Sacred Feminine

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Our culture stigmatizes the soft, embodied, powerful feminine in all her lusciousness. It's time to bring back the Sacred Feminine for our communities, families and relationships to thrive! Join our women's group and open into your sacred femininity. 

Together, Rising

As both parties increase their respective divine masculinity and femininity, our relationships become a dynamo of power, purpose and pleasure. Sign up for 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 couples coaching. We love supporting couples!

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