Manual Lymph Drainage:

Specialized massage techniques and procedures that reduce edema (swelling). Lymphatic massage is most often used for post-operative support for oncology, orthopedic,  and cosmetic reconstructive procedures. Treatments are very light touch and work primarily with the surface skin. The style is soothing and the effects often trigger the nervous system into deep relaxation.

Therapeutic Massage:

Advanced massage and bodywork techniques that get to the core of your issue. Treatments can zero in on specific pains such as sciatic or other pinched nerves, range of motion limitations, back and neck pain, or other problem areas. Sessions can also be designed to relieve deep tension by covering all major muscle groups.

Craniosacral Therapy:

Excellent treatment for migraines, TMJ disorder (jaw pain/misalignment), auto-immune related symptoms, pain along the spine, high stress and anxiety, connective tissue restrictions, insomnia, and some emotional struggles. Clients receive these sessions wearing loose, comfortable clothing. Typically a lite-touch treatment and deeply relaxing.

Jin Shin Jyutsu®:

Known as the "Grandmother of Acupuncture" this practice is as much a "do-it-yourself" style of self-healing as it is a dynamic treatment to receive from an expert. (classes coming soon!) This art and study increases awareness and understanding of complex relationships between anatomy, energy flow, attitudes/emotions, pain or discomfort, and much more. An amazing tool for the pro-active and self-empowering, JSJ is an invaluable addition to integrative healthcare.